Start Service Call 

For privacy reasons, a call be started only by the external technician. After logging in through the Brother Remote App, you will be able to see the case (serial number).  

  1. Click on the phone icon (top right) in order to call the expert
  2. Wait for the call being taken by the expert from Brohter


App view: Click on the telephone icon, to call the expert


From the technician's external view: 

The App will ask you to share your camera and microphone for Brother Remote. When this is done, you will find a crossed out camera icon in the lower part. By clicking on this icon, you share your camera with the expert. 


  • Top left: case and serial number will be displayed
  • Design icon, top right, to make drawings in the live image for the external technician. 


If the third icon (design) is active, you can make drawings in the live image.
  • With the second icon, you can set temporary marks/points in the image. 
  • The third icon activates the character function. 
  • Top right: to delete the marks by using the "bin icon"
  • If you want to save the image with the drawings, you can do so by making a screenshot to the call by use of the forth icon. 



Chat function: 

If you click on the "return arrow" on the top left, you get back to the chat of the service call. 


The Chat record will be saved in the service call. 


End a service call: 

To end a service call, simply click on the red telephone icon. 



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